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Buy GenInterlock ITE -200A Generator Interlock Kit Breaker Panel 150/ 200 Amp Panels Siemens and ITE at Pickup & delivery ... Murray, Siemens, and Thomas and Betts, 150 or 200 amp panels . Spacing between main and generator breaker 1 1/4 inches Met lab listed E113887 <b>Panel</b> and <b>breakers</b> not included. While many options for ITE-compatible circuit breakers exist, the best examples are going to be Siemens breakers. The Siemens type B115 breaker is a popular choice and can be used for a number of different types of panels. It's a 120-volt circuit breaker with a 15-amp rating. As a one-pole breaker, it can only protect one circuit in your house.

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