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Find an answer to your question Lauren would like to find the midpoint of a line segment that has endpoints at (-0.5, 3) and (4, 7.5). ... Lauren could solve (7.5 + 3) + 3 to find the y-coordinate. Finding the midpoint is equivalent to partitioning a line segment in a 1:1 ratio. 2 See answers Advertisement Advertisement garciaarmando13. Search: Partitioning A Line Segment Worksheet Answers. (-3, 4) (7, 6) 1:1 2 Partition Line Segments HSG-GPE (Hint: A Is the Initial point) 2 Find the midpoint of a line segment Worksheets are Partitioning a segment work name geometry date period, M 9 5 q3 5 and, Enetlearning enetlearning is committed to providing high, Partitioning line segments in two dimensions.

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